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MES Consulting Group is your specialized electrical safety services provider. Need to get on top of the electrical safety issues that impact your workforce safety, strategies, and procedures? We have the programs and electrical safety training you need.

Are you ready to improve your electrical safety experience? Talk to us today about our customized programs, policies, procedures, training, and safe work practices consultation.

MES Consulting Group’s Master Electrician Ken Andrea has worked with one of the most recognizable names in electrical safety; Kenneth Mastrullo. Mr. Mastrullo co-authored the 2004 NFPA 70E Electrical Handbook and wrote The Electrical Safety Program Book in 2006.

The pair traveled the Eastern Seaboard co-teaching electrical safety to Fortune 500 companies and delivered instruction and training in safe electrical work practices to electricians, mechanics, and electrical services companies.

Kenneth Andrea

Kenneth Andrea – An accomplished Master Electrician with a superior work ethic and a competent skillset. He is experienced in medium voltage switching, switchgear, generators, and life safety systems.

Mr. Andrea is proficient in coordinating, scheduling, and planning campus maintenance shut-downs. He is an accomplished Facilities Manager and Master Electrician with a superior MEP skill and proven administrative management qualities, combined with a strong working knowledge of Federal OSHA 1910, 1926, NFPA 70, 70E, 70B, and 101 Life Safety code requirements.

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